One Doorbell, Four Functions
The Only 4-in-1 wireless doorbell meant to address
four basic needs with just one device

Designed for Teachers, PWD, Business and Home Care


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Wearable Alert System

For four years, SadoTech has worked to create quality products that provides modern, state-of-the-art, and easy-to-install wireless doorbell alert systems that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Our latest product BELL is a wearable wireless device made for teachers and caregivers. It serves as an emergency alert system or health-care assistance for Seniors or PWD, and a handy class management tool to avoid yelling during class.

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How Does it Work?

Our BELL Wearable Alert System is composed of two interchangeable devices: The Portable/ Wearable Transmitter, and the Plug-in Receiver. The transmitter is the button that will be linked to the receiver. Whenever someone presses the button, the plug-in receiver automatically rings.

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Special Features

  • Weatherproof and Waterproof

  • Low Power Consumption

  • 50+ Chimes to Choose From

  • Four Volume Levels

  • Expandable Devices

  • Portable & Wearable

What’s New?

So what makes the BELL doorbell alert device different from the current products in the market?

  • Waterproof / Weatherproof

    Our new Silicone-Covered Transmitter Button secures the transmitter device inside and out. It covers both the front and the back part of the device to ensure maximum protection against any type of spillage.

  • Wearable and Handy

    The new doorbell transmitter comes with a detachable neck lanyard strap that can be easily removed in case of emergency.

  • More Chimes to Choose From

    We have heard your request! Our newest doorbell has more specially curated classic doorbell and alert chimes.

  • Longer Battery Life

    No need to keep changing those batteries all the time! Our newest energy conserving technology can prolong battery life and have your device working for longer periods of time.  

How Will it Help?

  • Wearable for Up to 1000 Ft Range

  • Be Alerted in Case of Emergencies

  • Avoid Long Complicated Installation Process

  • For Teachers: Classroom Management without Yelling


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